The Head And The Heart – Gone chords


Bb Bbsus4 Bb Dm Cm Bb -or sometimes-
Bb Bbsus4 Bb Bbsus4
Bb Bbsus4There were times you should have stopped
BbAs you sailed into the fog
Bbsus4Like a dog I smelled your fear
Dm Cm BbLord know you shouldve been here with me, but you were gone
These days roll sleepily by I can hear the old trains cry They will always be at home Pulling me away from you Youre gone
BbGone are the days when the wind would brush my face
Bbsus4Gone are the days when youre the wind
Bb Dm Cm GmAnd goooooone are the days when your heavy heart
F Bbwas worn on your sleeve
Take back your pictures Take back your letters Dont send me no postcards telling me you miss me Cause Im trying here Im trying here Fuck what theyre saying My mind is made up Theyre all just starving Like the rest of us And Im trying here , oh Im trying here Gone are the days when the wind would brush my face Gone are the days when youre the wind And gone are the days when my heavy heart was worn on my sleeve *Note: This is an unreleased song so it varies a bit but this is the general form. It now has an extended outro of "ooooh oooooh oooOOOoooh"s that just alternates between the main Bb and Bbsus4 chords. The verses and choruses all follow the same progressions.
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