The Honey Trees – Wake The Earth chords

I couldn't find any chords for this beautiful song, so I finally sat down and 
watched the video and tried to Chord it out my best. I'm sure it's not 100% 
correct, but it's pretty darn close. Please let me know if you have any corrections! <3 Enjoy

Capo 3rd

Am - Pluck A and B, G, D, B
G - Pluck A and B, G, D, B
C - Pluck A and high E, B, G, D

etc.. you get the point.

Am G C FYou hold fire in the night
Am G C FIn safety of this radiant light
Am G C FWe'll warm our lungs and tame our eyes
Am G C FOh dear the slumbering dark will rise
Dm C Am CTake the hands of what you've known
Dm C Am CWe'll wake the earth and watch it grow
Am CAnd write our love
Am G C FCapture all the wonder here
Am G C FAnd through the glow we'll stand so still
Am G C FAll of these walls have been draped in white
Am G C FAnd I won't watch you say goodbye
Dm C Am CCast away the thoughts that haunt
Dm C Am CThese crowded rooms of love that's lost
Am C Am CAnd through the fire, I've loved you still
Am C Am CThrough the fire, I've loved you still
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