The Hot Lies – Promise Me tab

KinD a difficult, Pls Practice .. nD im sure YouLL Get iT... iTs 99.9% accuRaTE!... WanT 
dedicAte ds 2 Ms Bea Fajardo... My iNspIratIon!

Tabbed by: Ric Tobias


part one part two part three part fourE-10----10----10---|-9----9----9----|------------------|-9-----9----9------*B-----12----12-----|----12---12-----|-12---12----12----|-----12---12-------*G---11----11----11-|--11---11----11-|----11----11------|---11---11----11---*D------------------|----------------|---12---12-----12-|-------------------*A------------------|----------------|------------------|-------------------*E------------------|----------------|------------------|-------------------*
do that twice,but dont play part four after part three on the second round,instead pluck this:E-----B-11--G-10--D-11-- (listen the timing of the song ok?)A-----E-----
Verse: to begin the Bm chord on every verse, do this:
Bm A You light up another cigarette F#m G And I pour the wine Bm A It's four o'clock in the morning F#m G And it's starting to get light Bm A Now I'm right where I wanna be F#m G Losing track of time Em F#m Bm (pluck upwards) But I wish that it was still last night
while plucking Bm, do a combination of this--------------------------------------------|-3--3--3---3-----3------3--3--3---3--2------|--4--4--4---4--4--4--4----4--4--4-----------|---4--4------4-----4-------4--4-------------|-----------2-----3--------------------------|------------------------3---------2--4------| swith to BmVerse 2:
Bm A You look like you're in another world F#m G But I can read your mind Bm A How can you be so far away F#m G Lying by my side Pre-chorus: F# Bm When I go away I'll miss you B Em And I will be thinking of you C D Dsus Every night and day just... Chorus: G D Promise me you'll wait for me C D G 'cos I'll be saving all my love for you D C D And I will be home soo-o-o-oon G D Promise me you'll wait for me C B Em I need to know you feel the same way too C D G And I'll be home, I'll be home soon (verse chords once until it reaches...) ...when i go away ill miss you... do chorus fade.. EnD!.. Rtob R0cKz!...
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