The Icarus Account – Control tab

My first tab ever.
Control by Icarus Account

[Verse 1]
[C-G-Am7-F] x2
And I remember every word she said to me 
It's like I'm losing touch with all consistency

[Am7-G-F] x2
I'm gonna write it down,
I'm gonna get it right
I'm gonna put up a fight
But I don't know how to say this

All I've ever known is lost
I've got my fingers crossed
Cuz i don't know how to shake this

Oh She's got me losing control
she's got me going so

[Am7-G-F] 2x
I think I'm falling in love with her
I think I'm falling in love with her

[Verse 2]
[Am7-G-F] 4x
and Oh
this time I'll get it right
just living enough to fight another day for you
and baby breathe
take a deep breath in and out
I hope you know that I'm thinking about you all the time my love
cuz it's always nice to see you
oh it's nice to see you singing

[Am7-G-F] x6
And she's all I've ever wanted, she's all I've ever needed
she's all I've ever dreamed of in all my days
And I can't keep holding back, I just don't know how to act
If I lose control tonight yeah that's alright with me
she's got me singing out

[Am7-G-F] x6

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