The Inmates – Dirty Water tab

Tabbed by- paulie99
Tuning- Standard (E,A,D,G,B,e)
Song- Dirty Water
Band- The Inmates

Here's the deal, it's short, simple, and it has a lot of guts!

INTRO x2E---------------------|B---------------------|G----------5---3-3-2--|D--4/5--5--3---3-3-3--|A--2/3--3-------------|E---------------------|
After you play the intro, by YOURSELF, the drums, bass, vocals and the second guitar come in. I have both guitars written for you. GUITAR 1 Verse 1 GUITAR 2
After you play verse 1 ten times, you play verse 2. Both guitars play the same thing in verse 2, so don't say "Hey where's guitar 2?!"
VERSE 2 x2E---------------------|B----------6---4-4-3--|G--4/5--5--3---3-3-3--|D--2/3--3-------------|A---------------------|E---------------------|
After you play verse 2, guitar 1 and guitar 2 start playing verse 1 again, for 2 times and then the chorus...
CHORUS x1E---------------------------------|B---------------------------------|G---------------------------------|D--5--5-5-5--5-5-5--5-5-5--4--3...|A--3--3-3-3--3-3-3--3-3-3--2--1...|E---------------------------------|
When you finish playing the chorus ONCE, both guitars play verse 1, five times. After that, play verse 2 twice. Then verse 1 twice. Again the chorus. When you finish the chorus, play verse 1 as GUITAR 1, while Guitar 2 plays the solo, throughout verse 1,2 again 1 and through the chorus. I have the list on the bottom on what you should play through the whole song. Both guitars play the outro the same. They only play differently on Verse 1. OUTRO
INTRO x2 VERSE-1 x10 VERSE-2 x2 VERSE-1 x2 CHORUS x1 VERSE-1 x5 VERSE-2 x2 VERSE-1 x2 CHORUS x1 Verse-1 x2 *SOLO STARTS On the second circle of verse 1, the solo starts. Play as the rythmitic guitar, which is GUITAR 1.Realize that the solo ends in the second circle of Verse 1 also, but later. continue- VERSE-1 x3 VERSE-2 x2 VERSE-1 x2 CHORUS x1 VERSE-1 x2 *SOLO ENDS continiue- VERSE-1 x8 CHORUS x1 OUTRO x1 song ends
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