The Katinas – I Am Free chords

I am Free by The Katinas

Intro: E Bsus4 C#m A
EThrough You the blind will see
Through You the mute will sing
AThrough You the dead will rise
Through You our hearts will praise
C#mThrough You the darkness flees
Bsus4 E Through You my heart screams I am free
EI am free
EI am free to run
(I am free to run)
AI am free to dance
(I am free to dance)
C#mI am free to live for You
Bsus4(I am free to live for You)
EI am free
(I am free) Yes, I am free (I am free)
EThrough You the kingdom comes
Through You the battle's won
AThrough You I'm not afraid
Through You the price is paid
C#m Through You there's victory
Bsus4 EBecause of You my heart Sings I am free
I am free Chorus 2:
E AWho the Son sets free is free indeed.
E AWho the Son sets free is free indeed.
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