The Kills – Last Goodbye chords

This isn't the offical version, just an easier way to play this song:

CAPO on 1st

Chords used:
F   - 133211
Am  - 002210
Dm  - xx0231
Gm  - 355333
C   - x32010
Bbm - 013321
Fm  - 133111
G   - 320003
D   - xx0323

F Am DmIt's the last goodbye, I swear
F Am GmI can't rely on a dime-a-day love
CThat don't go anywhere
F Am DmI learn to cry for someone else
F Am GmI can't get by on an odds and ends love
CThat don't ever match up
BbmI heard all you said
CAnd I took it to heart
F Am DmI won't forget, I swear
F AmI have no regrets
GmFor the past is behind me
C Bbm CTomorrow reminds me just where
F Am Dm (x2) G D
C Em AmCan't quite see the end
C Em Dm How can I rely on my heart if I break it
GWith my own two hands
Fm I heard all you said
GAnd I love you to death
FmI heard all you said
GDon't say anything
C Em AmIt's the last goodbye, I swear
C Em DmI can't survive on a half-hearted love
GThat will never be whole
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