The Kills – Blue Moon chords

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Other chords are all powerchords Verse:
B F#Wake up to a blue moon in the sky
B F#A cool china blue
B F#Hear the thunder of life driving by
B F#Guess it's finally on the loose
G F DAnd I smell the soot sweat
G F DOn the sick-a-more trees
G F DAs the branches collide
G F DWith every thought I think
Now the neighborhood cat is calling He can't sleep Says the oxygen in the needle and pin Has sprung a leak Well he really took his chance Crossing his heart, hoping to die He was young and he was happy At the time (At the time) It seems to be like cinema Silver turns to it's old tricks Magic loses all it's magic And you know what it really is The young men who used to Use their knuckles, are gone But the tadpoles keep on multiplying Down in the swamp When the pearly gates do open Dragging their legs out of spite Inside a woman sits to greet you Welcome home to the night It's the last motel With electric, she says Take a seat while the maid Goes and cleans up your mess Honey it could take an hour It could take all year It could take a century For your bad name to clear Wake up to a blue moon in the sky A cool china blue Hear the thunder of life driving by Guess it's finally on the move
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