The King Khan And Bbq Show – Fish Fight tab

this one im only kinda sure about how rite it is but i used the video to figure it out
this is just the way i play it    its sounds close enough
if anyone sees any errors let me know
oh yea and this is my first tab soo hope i got it rite

this is kinda crude but if u play along with the song youll get it

e d c d aaaaaaaae]------------------------------|b]5-3-5-3-22222222--------------|g]4-2-5-2-22222222--------------| <===== you can play this out like regular powerd]2-0-5-0-22222222--------------| but im pretty sure than this is how BBQ showa]----3---00000000--------------| plays it in the videoe]------------------------------|
e]-----------------------------|b]-----------------------------|g]-----------------------------|d]7-7h9-7--4-4h6-4-------------| <== this is the verses and i think the chours tooa]7-7h9-7--4-4h6-4-------------| but i dont know the riff that blacksnakee]5-5-5-5--2-2-2-2-------------| is playin rite here
if anyone knows how to play "why dont you lie" please email me thanks and tell me everything i got wrong in here
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