106 South chords with lyrics by the lawrence arms - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

the lawrence arms – 106 South chords

Intro: A-Bm-D-- x4

Verse 1:
A BmAnd our trip had ended
Di didn't know what
AI had to do who
Bmreally cares at all
D we had to get away
Asomehow we settled
Bmon a place where
Dthe open road had
Aclosed and we tried
Bm Dtoo many times before
F#m and i spent
Dthe night alone
with three things
F#mon my mind money
bills pills
Dand girls money
bills pills and girls Verse 2:
A i've been looking
through the pages
Eof some magazine
F#mthat i've read a
Athousand times
the food all starts
Eto taste the same
F#m Aand it's 6:0-9am and
Ethere's nothing on
F#m Atv and I'm fucked
E Djust forget me
Interlude: A-D-Bm-D- x2 Bridge:
Awatching the simpson
Eafraid to call you
Di know i fucked up i
A Eknow i owe you seven
Dhundred please don't
Ahate me i'll get a
Ejob and i'll pay
Dyou back somehow
Chorus 2:
F#m one more night
Dalone and you can
F#mtake it there'll
Dbe more tomorrow
Verse 4:
A same magazine
E D@m and tasteless
Afood same tv
Escreen same
F#mshitty mood
Interlude:D--F#m-- x4Bm--A/C#-D- x3
Aand i feel like
E Dit can't get worse
Aand i feel like
E Dit can't get worse
Aand i feel like
E Dit can't get worse
Aand i feel like
E D A(hold)it can't get worse
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