The Lighthouse And The Whaler – Morning chords

The Lighthouse and the Whaler – Morning

Key: CStandard Tuning, No Capo
Intro Am Fsus2 C Gsus4 Verse 1
Am7 Fmaj7And I'll see you soon
C Gsus4The morning light come on the dew
Am7 Fmaj7And I'll feel the pain
C Gsus4The loss of you is more than I can say
Am7 C Gsus4And I want to know where you gone to
Am7 C Gsus4And I feel the cold as you pass me through
Interlude Am Fsus2 C Gsus4 x2 Verse 2
Am7 Fmaj7And I'll see you soon
C Gsus4In solace I sit next to you
Am7 Fmaj7And I’ll wait and see
C Gsus4Your morning light shining on me
Chorus Verse 2
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