The Low Life – Moonshine chords

This is my first tab ever, I think it's pretty accurate.

*Artist: the Low Life
*Song: Moonshine
*Album: Thixotropic
not sure of the intro/pre verse yet

G...320003 355433
Em...022000 Bm...X24432
C...X32010 X35553
81010988 (8th fret E shape power chord.)
D...X00232 X57775
The verse pattern is as follows... G Em Bm C G Em Bm - C C Chorus pattern is... C G D C G D C G D
C G Bm - C Cplay along to find the rhythm!
Lyrics: VERSE And the moon it wants to give me away And my God wants me to pray And I hate communists for being red And I hate these voices up in my head CHORUS Cause I don't ever wanna wake And find myself awake And I don't ever wanna die And find myself already dead I don't ever wanna love And find myself in love And every single day's the same, And I guess that's great. VERSE 2 I think the walls in here are caving in Did they just say something and touch my skin? And why wont this picture just answer me And be my friend tonight; don't let me dream CHORUS BRIDGE Got me lookin' for more Got me tired and poor I was passed out on your floor I'll just drink more, Moonshine VERSE 3 I feel my neck stroked by the clock's big hand I sip my coffee, but I am drinking sand I won't be mummified in satin sheets Cause I know my life's better than my dreams I don't ever wanna wake, I don't wanna wake I don't wanna die, I don't ever wanna die I don't ever love, never be in love CHORUS
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