The Maccabees - Young Lions tab

The only song on the "Wall Of Arms" album that is about death! what a truely great song.

I have managed to tab the bass bit out, it goes something like this...

Rupert JarvisG|-----11----11----11-----------------------------------|D|--12----12----12----12--11----------------------------|A|----------------------------12--2--5--7--9---5--9--7--|E|-------------------------------------------7----------|
Orlando Weeks(these are the barre chords that Orlando plays, pretty simple strumming pattern)e|--10--9---10--9---7--9---7--9----|B|--10--9---10--9---7--9---7--9----|G|--11--9---11--9---7--9---7--9----|D|--12--11--12--11--9--11--9--11---|A|--12--11--12--11--9--11--9--11---|E|--10--9---10--11--7--9---7--9----|
Hugo White(I don't know the technical term for this but basically Hugo is "jibbing" out on these 2 at the start.)e|-----------|B|--15---12--|G|-----------|D|-----------|A|-----------|E|-----------|
Felix white(This part comes in at 2.04 in the song, once again not too sure on what you call this strumming if you like, but you can work it out easily.)e|------------------------|B|--15--17--14--12--------|G|------------------------|D|------------------------|A|------------------------|E|------------------------|
hope this helps! x
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