The Manhattans – Hurt tab

A        D                       F#m 
I'm so   hurt to think that you lied to me 
    G                    F#m       B7          
I'm hurt way down deep inside of me 
    Em                 A7 
You said our love was true 
          Dmaj7  D6         Bm 
And we'll never, never part 
Now you've got someone new 
        Em        A 
And it breaks my heart 
     D     F#m                            G 
I'm hurt, much more than you'll ever know 
G                        F#m 
Yes darling, I'm so hurt 
F#m                         B7 
Because I still love you so 
Em               A7 
Even though you hurt me 
     Dmaj7 D6              Bm        Em  
Like no----body else could ever do 
  Em          A                 outro: D Bm G B7 A D 
I would never hurt, hurt you
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