The Maxies - Clubbin chords

(unsure on lyrics, can't find 'em anywhere)
( B E x2 E Eb C# B F# ) x2

B E Eb C#Bass punk and bigots sound like hippy shit to me yeah
I only put it in my mouth if there is suffering yeah -Bridge-
AbI carve it out(woo!) of a big ol' tree.
We're goin' clubbin' and it's you and me! -Chorus- (play twice)
BGoin' clubbing! (yeah yeah yeah! We're going clubbing)
E (octave lower than other E)Goin' clubbing! (yeah yeah yeah! We're going clubbing)
-Sub-Chorus- (for the sake of organising, played twice)
Ab G /( Bb slide to B twice)Gonna beat you blue 'til you shit your pants tonight
(play intro, some riff played too) -Verse- Polar bears and killer whales think they're best in the hood well Maxies show 'em what they got and kick 'em like a cunt. -Bridge- -Chorus- -Sub-Chorus- -PUNK ROCK BREAKDOWN-
Ab Bthat baby seal, it looks so sweet.
I'll bash it's fuckin' face in and I'll eat it while it sleeps.
that crimson snow, my hearts desire. C#Yknow I'm smilin' ear to ear when there's blood on my fuckin' face. (Ooo Oooo Ooooo)
-Chorus- (twice without chords) -Outro- (play twice)
B E (lower octave)Clubbin' ..... Clubbin' .....
-Sub-Chorus- END
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