Love Is chords with lyrics by The Meg And Dia Band - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

The Meg And Dia Band – Love Is chords

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Intro: A E F#m D

A E I feel like I'm shadowed by hazy stars above me
F#m D and they're all shining bright for me.
A E I've seen days of chaos, winter rains that wouldn't leave
F#m D but I came clean cause I believed.
F#m D I wanna find love and I wanna keep it
A E I had it once but I didn't mind leaving it
D E A E F#m Dbut I was younger then, and I learned everything alooooone
A E F#m Dalooooone
D A love is an aeroplane it can travel across the world
E A and lift you high above, and still it'll never change.
D A love is a gentle word, even when your pride is hurt
E A won't turn you away, won't bring up yesterday.
A E F#m D
A E even though the days grow, longer by the minute
F#m D I know there is hope in hope itself.
A E when I'm growing tired, and I feel faith is drifting
F#m D I remember love is what I'm working toward.
D Alove is a heavy kiss when you don't deserve it
E A D it forgives, forgets, it never turns it's back on you.
D Alove is an empty cup, it takes time to fill it up
E A even when you can't see it you can fill it lifting you.
Bridge: A E F#m D x8
D A love is, love is, love is everything.
D A love is, love is, love is everything.
You can also play it arpeggio in that way: A
E------0----|B------2----|G------2----|D-----------| - four times for one chord. A---0-------|E-----------| but when you sing 'aloooone', play it twice.
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