The Meg And Dia Band – My Ugly Mouth chords


Verse 1:
C Why is it always the ones we love we
G Am Dtry and hide and give our laughter to perfect strangers?
CWhy oh why did I say those words when
G Am DI saw your face and the way it hurt, I couldn't stop it.
Em DDo you think I enjoy this? Oh no...
C DPlease don't confirm it. It's not truthful.
G CMy ugly mouth. Damn those words that come out.
Em DDon't dare point the finger, don't accept the consequence,
Cit's not my fault.
G CMy Ugly mouth, Turn it all inside out.
Em D Wanna tell you I love you, all I'm hearing is monsters saying,
C Am G "Get out, Get out, Get out."
Verse 2: (Same as Verse 1)
CWhat If i told you every night
G Am DI watch your face by candle light, silent and your protector.
CIt's sad to say you'll never know
G Am Dall the nights I never slept at all, just wanted to know you.
Em DNot proud of my temper. Oh no...
C DDon't give up on me. I'm doing better.
Em CWon't you leave me alone?
(Won't you stay?)
Em CWon't you get up and go?
(You're my only love.)
Em CI don't love you no more. I don't love you more
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