The Meg And Dia Band – Rebecca tab

Meg And Dia
Something Real
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Key: D then F

Chords used:
D -    xx0232
Daug - xx0132
Bm -   x24432
Em -   022000
G -    320003
DM7 -  xx0222
D7 -   xx0212
F -    133211
Fsus - 133311
C/E -  032xxx
C -    x32010
Dm -   xx0231
Bb -   x13331
Gm -   355333


Piano: D Daug Bm Eme|-2-|-------0-----|-2-----0-------|-0--0---0---2--0----|B|-3-|---3-----3---|-3--3-----3--2-|-0----3---3-0-----3-|G|-2-|-1---1-----1-|-4-------------|-0----------0-------|D|---|-------------|---------------|-2----------2-------|A|---|-------------|---------------|--------------------|E|---|-------------|---------------|--------------------|
D Daug Eme|-2-|-------0-----|-2--0h2p0-|B|-3-|---3-----3---|-0--------|G|-2-|-1---1-----1-|-0--------|D|---|-------------|-2--------|A|---|-------------|----------|E|---|-------------|----------|
Verse 1: D D7 DM7 Stood by my missus in the lobby D D7 DM7 Asked to carry bags of Madame D D7 DM7 Elevators rush to the sea D D7 DM7 Rummaged through my coat for the key D D7 DM7 After tea lounged on the sofa D My lady spoke of D7 DM7 everyone she knew there D She paused Grabbed D7 my wrist Said DM7 "Now darling there D he is" I looked up D7 My surroundings D7 stirred and smeared Refain 1: Bb F His eyes calm and distant Bb F His mouth so severe Gm Fsus Though half his age I was C I've never been in love Before then
Piano: in Refrain Bb Fe|-------------------|----15-15-13-17-15-13-15-13-|B|-------------------|----------------------------|G|-------------------|----------------------------|D|-------3---------3-|-3--------------------------| x2A|-1--1-----1---1----|-3--------------------------|E|-------------------|-1--------------------------|
Gm Fsus Ce|-10--10--18-18-15-15-17-17-|--------13-|-------------------------22--20-|B|-11--11--------------------|-10--10----|--------------------------------|G|-12--12--------------------|-10--10----|------0-------0-------0---------|D|-12--12--------------------|-10--10----|----2-------2-------2-----------|A|-10--10--------------------|--8---8----|-3-------3-------3--------------|E|---------------------------|-----------|--------------------------------|
Chorus: F C/E Dm Max you're so distraught F C/E Dm Perhaps I'll help you out F C/E Your wife was so Dm much more than me F C/E Dm But I can be her now F C/E Dm I can be her now Verse 2: D Rush down the D7 DM7 stairs to that man D D7 DM7 Mr. Summer he nodded his head D D7 With laughter in his eyes D7 A smirk followed close behind D "We're strangers but I'm D7 DM7 sure we should be married" Refrain 2: Bb F I spoke to my master Bb F She nodded her head Gm Fsus Though I was young and scared C With Max standing there We took our first step (Repeat Chorus) Outro: F C/E Dm I can be her now
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