The Mint Chicks – 2010 tab

(B-Side on the Walking Off A Cliff Again 7" single)
by The Mint Chicks (NZ)

Hello, tabbed this out quickly, hope it helps! Great song, too bad its myspace and vinyl only!

Synth main riff part while Ruban just plays Bb in his crazy way:
Bb, C, F, D, C, F, D, Bb, C, G, F, Bb, C, F, D, C, F, D, Bb, C

Barre chords. Ruban usually plays everything as barre chords on the E string in this
ie Bb at the 6th fret. But he seems to randomly play his Eb's and F's and such on the A
sometimes also. He also kind of breaks up the chords while hes playing them, like 
each note of the chord out.

Verse goes like this:
Bb... Eb... F, Eb
Bb... Eb... F, Eb


Bb... Dm... Eb... C
Bb... Bb... Eb, F, Bb

Then main riff again!
Then verse again!
Then chorus!

Solo - seems to be like Eb, Bb chord progression in the background. I didnt figure out
solo, but if someone wants me to I will!
But! I did tab out the cool riff Ruban plays after his big windy solo!
It''s in thirds but with the third one octave up!

Then it goes back into the verse again but with no guitar, just synth. Chorus: Bb... Ab... Gm... Gb Bb... Bb... Eb, F Bb... Dm... Eb... C Bb... Bb... Eb, F, Bb then synth main riff to end, with Ruban finishing on a F7 barre chord on the E string fret i think it was)!!!!! Thanks, Charlie!
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