The Modern – Industry tab

                            Industry - The Modern
Tabbed by: Myself

Tuning: Standard

Excellent song by The Modern, formerly known as Matinee Club. The band's website may be 
found at:

--Chords (Verse)--

Each chord gets two measures, so:

Ab                            Fm
  She always dreamt of moving station

--Pre-chorus Riff--

This riff follows the chords of the chorus; it's a simple pattern of fifth chords. Play 
each note individually without letting them ring.

Cm Fm Abe|--------------------------|-------------------------|B|--------------------------|-------------------------|G|--------5-----------------|-------------------------|D|-----5-----5--------3-----|--------6-----6-----6----|A|--3--------------3-----3--|-----6-----6-----6-----6-|E|--------------1-----------|--4----------------------|
--Chorus Chords-- The chorus uses the same chords as the pre-chorus, so: Cm Fm Ab You could be the one for me The last phrase of the chorus adds two more chords to the progression, so: Cm Fm Ab Gm Ab You could be my industry, and we'll dance together on the factory floor
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