The Morning Benders – Heavy Hearts chords

Chords used:
Eb: x6888x
Cm: x35543
A#: 6887xx
G#: 4665xx
Gm: 355333
Fm: 133111
Fm(2): x8101098

Pretty much the whole song is palm muted (P=Palm mute)The strumming pattern is like this:e---------------------------------------------------------------|B------------8-----------8-----------4-----------4--------------|G------------8-----------8-----------5-----------5--------------|D------------8-----------8-----------5-----------5--------------|A----0-6-6-6-6---0-6-6-6-6---0-3-3-3-3---0-3-3-3-3--------------|E---------------------------------------------------------------| P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P
EbIts been so long
Since I've been alone
CmI cant think of a time when you
EbWeren't right
CmHere breathing by my side
EbMy mother said
To talk things through
CmDon't let heavy hearts pile up on you
EbBut how can I
CmWhen I'm too scared to speak
A# CmI cried all night
G# Gm Fm(2)But I put in too much to turn away now
Eb Cm Eb Cm
EbI've been waiting for you to say
CmThat I'm better off
Without you
CmBut we both know that that's just a lie
A# CmBut what's said is done
G# GmWe're almost gone
Fm (no more palm mute)I can't see your face
Cm GmWoooahhh woooah
FmI cant find my way
Cm Gm Woooahhh woooah
FmI cant catch a break
Cm GmWoooahhh woooah
FmI cant count the days
Cm GmWoooahhh woooah
FmEveryone looks the same
Cm GmWoooahhh woooah
FmEveryone looks the same
Cm Gm Woooahhh woooah
Etc., etc., etc.
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