The Mother Hips - Smoke tab

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by The Mother Hips
Lyrics/music by T. Bluhm
From the album "Green Hills of Earth" (2001)
Tablature by Collin Spencer

Tab Symbols:
b   =  bend up (number after the b represents the target note)
r   =  release bend
h   =  hammer on
p   =  pull off
/   =  slide up
\   =  slide down

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(Chord fingerings/shapes are at the end)

[Opening Riff] E|-0-0-0-0-0---0-0-0-0-|-----------------------|------0 (hold)--||-------------0-0-0-0-|-----------------------|------0---------||---------------------|-1-1/4-4/6-------------|------1---------||---------------------|-2-2/5-5/7-------------|------2---------||---------------------|-2-2/5-5/7-------------|------2---------||---------------------|--------------0---3b4--|--0---0---------|
Bm Bm|-0-0-0--0-0-----------|---2-----2----||-5-5-5-/7-5-----------|---3-----3----||--------------6-4-4---|---4-----4----||----------------------|---4-----4----||----------------------|---2-----2----||----------------------|--------------|
E D / A /|--3-2-0------------|----0---|---3-----0-------||---------2b3r2b3r2-|----0---|---2-----2-------||-------------------|----1---|---3-----2-------||-------------------|----2---|---0-----2-------||-------------------|----2---|---0-----0-------||-------------------|-0--0---|---------0-------|
Then play this [lead-in riff] 3 times:
E D / A / |-------------|----------------||-------------|----------------||-------------|----------------||-------------|----------------||-3b4-0-------|----------------||-------------|----------------|
[Verse 1] D E B Kickers, come on D E B Tonight, we're leaaving D E B So kiss your baby on the ear D E B A We'll be playing but she won't hear E F#m A As we climb aboard the bus, we don't leave nothing behind us but our (silent) E (hold) SMOKE! G#m A Am E F#m Smoke please lead us up to heaven [Repeat opening riff, followed by this lead-in riff]
E D / A /|----0---|---3-----0-------||----0---|---2-----2-------||----1---|---3-----2-------||----2---|---0-----2-------||----2---|---0-----0-------||-0--0---|---------0-------|
E E /|--------0---|-----------||--------0---|-----------||--------1---|-----------||--------2---|-----------||--------2---|-----------||-3b4-0--0---|-----------|
[Verse 2] D E B Wilco is up on the stage D E B A cigarette, a straight-edge, and a jet plane D E B You (you), you (you) and I, D E B A Must be hiiiiiiiiiigh E F#m A But the dressing room's too hot, so we hit the parking lot where we (silent) E (hold) SMOKE! G#m A Am E F#m Smoke please lead us up to heaven F#m G#m G#m A To heaven, lead us up to heaven Solo over the following progression: B/// (4x) | A/// | E/// | (3 times) [Then finish the solo over 8 bars of]: | B/// | Yeah....We got SMOKE!* *[Play the lead-in riff over the final SMOKE choruses] [Finish up the tune on a held E chord] Chord Shapes: E [022100] [x79997] D [x00323] [x57775] B [x24442] [799877] F#m [244222] G#m [466444] Bm [x24432] A [002220] [577655] Am [002210] [577555] Questions/comments/corrections? Email 2004 - All Rights Reserved
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