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The Movement – Habit chords

			     Habit - The Movement
Tabbed by:Croady


This is a really kickass band and the first of many tabs im gonna post for 
them...this song is really easy.

It is all D,A,G

D G AYou know I got a habit it ain’t gonna lead nowhere /
D G AExcept to the many legions of the people with a problem /
D G But nobody cares /
‘ACause all I do is /
D G ASit and dream about drinkin and women and music /
It’s just gonna /
D G AGive me another reason to use and abuse it /
But still I gotta / CHORUS:
D G AI live and I learn all I wanna do is burn down /
And so I light it up /
D G AI live and I learn all I wanna do is burn /
D G AYou know I got alot of wrongs to right /
D G AI been fightin, lying, cheatin on you every night /
D G AI got a habit yo I’m bad at it but it’s alright /
D G A‘Cause in the end I wanna be the one holding you tight /
But I got to hold on make way /
D G AI said the drinking and the women and the music got me crazy /
But I’m addicted / Uplifted, now I just can’t stop / Yo she’s all that I need / Everything that I got ya know / CHORUS / You get it....Peace
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