The Mowglis - Time chords

"Time" by The Mowgli's 
From Love's Not Dead


   G     F#/G     Em       C       D

|--3--| |--3--| |-----| |--0--| |--2--| |--3--| |--3--| |-----| |--1--| |--3--| |--0--| |--0--| |--0--| |--0--| |--2--| |--0--| |--0--| |--2--| |--2--| |--0--| |--2--| |--x--| |--2--| |--3--| |--x--| |--3--| |--2--| |--0--| |--x--| |-----|
Not my first tab, but it feels like it is. The F#/G is a funky sounding chord that i couldnt pin point, but thefingering i use sounds decent. Also i've seen live footage of this song and it looks nothing like this, this is what the album sounds like. Capo 3 Intro G
GI donít like time, time is making me old
F#/G Em F#/G Gbut Iím doing alright cause I will still be young tomorrow
Gand I canít stand working all day work is wearing out my soul
F#/G Em F#/G G F#/G EmI think Iíll go out tonight and I will call in sick tomorrow
Em GI get so down about th is world sometimes
F#/G G F#/G EmI cannot understand people, no not at all
Cbut, I hope to see a change in man
G F#/G Em F#/G GI hope to see us love one another and I know we can
GMy bank account is runniní out
G F#/G Em Iím paying fees for overdrafts but when I win the lottery
F#/G GIíll tell BofA that they can kiss my ass
Gcause I donít like time, timeís ticking away my life
C GSo I live the way I want to live and I will live this way till I am dead
GWhen life gets hard youíve got remember who you are
F#/G Emand forget about what people think
F#/G G F#/G Em just be who you want to be
C D G Em Donít you want to see how good life can be?
C F#/G Glets make a harmony and life will sing
Gand I wait for you to come home
G F#/G EmI havenít seen you in so long I donít remember what you look like
F#/G GSo I will see you for the first time
GIíve been dreaming of the open road
G CIíve got this feeling like I wonít be coming home anytime soon
Glets go around this world and make it new
G Em lets get lost, lets walk into the dark and forget about our sorrows
Gweíll learn to let go
Em F#/G G F#/G Emsinginí oh I know we can
C D G Em Donít you want to see how good life can be?
C F#/G Glets make a harmony and life will sing
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