The Naked And Famous – What We Want chords

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Capo 2

Special Chords:

Em/G 022033
G/C 032033
G/A 002233

Em C I can see you crawling
Em C And I’m chasing on all fours
Em/G G/C G/A Wouldn’t know what to do
Em/G G/C G/A To be perfectly honest
Em/G G/C G/A
Em C Dsus2 All the chemicals reel
Em C D In the absence of the noise
Em/G G/C G/A We are fools in the wake
Em/G G/C G/A Of the physical
Em/GI just don’t know
G/C G/AWhat I want
Em/GYou just don’t know
G/C DWhat you want
EmYeah we don’t know
C G DWhat we want
Em C G Just keep it trivial
Em C Dsus2 I’m in love with the pace
Em C D And all that you never are
Em C D Throwing stones as we stay
Em C Dsus2 Somewhere visible
Em C Dsus2 Just keep it trivial
Em/G G/C G/A Just keep it trivial
Chorus again: I just don’t know What I want You just don’t know What you want Yeah we don’t know What we want Just keep it trivial
D Em C And if you wake to find a weightlessness in me
DPulse and fire, break to breathe
G D Darling wait, hold and see
D Em CAnd if you leave it does that mean you would be free?
CJust say anything to me
Repeat chorus
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