The New Cities - The Hype chords

Good song by The New Cities. Put a capo on 3 and play these 4 chords:

Tuning: Standard

Am F C Ge|-0----1-----0-----3-------|B|-1----1-----1-----3-------|G|-2----2-----0-----0-------|D|-2----3-----2-----0-------|A|-0----3-----3-----2-------|E--0----1-----x-----3-------|
Am F C Ge|--------------------------|B|--------------------------|G|------------5-------------|D|-7----3-----5-----5-------|A|-7----3-----3-----5-------|E--5----1-----------3-------|
I cant find lyrics to this song, but it basically just repeats throughout the whole song, for example: BRIDGE:
Am F C GThis is all so wrong
Am F C GMake it right and sing along
Am F C GSo sing me a song I know
Am F C GSing me a, sing me a song I know (and it goes)
Am F C GNa na na na na na na na na na.. etc
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