The New Pornograpgers – Electric Child Of Witchcraft Rising chords

A C#mWake up to the sky,
DCrackling with a thousand notes
EEnveloping my mind.
A C#mWalk along the streets,
DCrumbling nerve endings coming down,
EYoure all I find.
D AVoices move and pictures talk,
EThe language of the screams
F#mFrom the pupils of your eyes,
D AGuiding me down the lightening corridor
E DWhere the ancient shadows rise.
A D EYoure dreams that run wild,
A D EYoure an electric child,
F#m D EYoure a time-travelling witch,
A E DI summoned you and you smiled.
A D EThrough the mirror of night,
A D EIn the conjuring light,
F#m D EYou reached for the switch
A E DAnd made everything alright,
A E DYou made everything alright,
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