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The Novel Ideas – Heart Of Stone chords

Heart of Stone
Lyrics and Chords by Daniel Radin
 (capo on 6)

Chords:|--0-- X|--1- 1|--2- 0|--3- 0|--3- 2|--X- 3
Fmaj7/C Gadd4 (hammer on with middle finger on the C and Fmaj7/C throughout the song) Hell it was crystal clear
CWhy you left me standing here
Fmaj7/CBut the wake you left behind
C Fmaj7/CIt's got me swimming every night
C Fmaj7/C And I've got god on my side
C Fmaj7/CFor the first time in my life
C Fmaj7/CI feel the rising of the sea, the waves keep crashing at my feet
C Fmaj7/C Am Gadd4 Fmaj7/CHe's sent a flood to set me free
Am Gadd4 (same as first verse) I never knew how much it hurt But they say you have to learn If you're gonna write at all You won't know you're flying till you fall And my foods been tasting plain And the sky don't look the same How'd she take that away? Left me here in such a state, turned the blue I saw to grey (Break: C, Fmaj7/C, C, Fmaj7/C Am, Gadd4, Fmaj7/C x2 Am, Gadd4, C) It's never like the fights on the TV shows
C Fmaj7/CIt goes down, in real life, so bad you're walkin' home
C Fmaj7/CNow I know, what it means to be alone
Am Gadd4 Fmaj7/C Harder than your heart of stone, you don't want this heart of gold
Am Gadd4 Fmaj7/C Am Gadd4 Fmaj7/CYou don't want this heart of gold
C Fmaj7/Cyou don't want this heart of gold
C Fmaj7/C Am, Gadd4, Fmaj7/C, Am Gadd4, Fmaj7/C, No you don't want this heart at all
Am, Gadd4, C (same as verse) I guess I better write this down, so I know my way around And I can finally ask you how, you could stand and watch me drown I'll say the things I'm thinking now
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