The Obsessives – Violent chords

C C/Am G FI don't want to be violent
Riff 1 C Em F D FBut you make me mad
C C/Am G FYou are impressive in chrome and I am
Riff 1 C Em F D Fyounger than you thought
G F D CDon't ask me where I go, because you already know
Em F Riff 2I'm smarter than you
C Em F Riff 2 C G F
C C/Am G FI will get a lot from my life
Riff 1 C Em F D Fbecause I work hard
G F D CDon't ask me what I know, because you already know where
D CJackson and I are gonna go
D C C/Am G F Riff 1Where Jackson and I are gonna go
Riff 1 Riff 2 C/Ame|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|------------------------------------------5--------------------------------|D|-----2--3--5----------2--3--5-------------5--------------------------------|A|--5----------------5-----------3----------3--------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------5--------------------------------|
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