The Phoenix Foundation - Wholly Molly chords

			     Wholly Molly - The Phoenix Foundation
Tabbed by: Mark B (Skinny Bins)


Guitar: Standard
Uke:  G C E A

This a great little number from the 'Eagle Vs. Shark' Soundtrack. It's best played on a 
(as in the recording) but the chords work for guitar as well. The Intro on the bottom is 
for Uke.

Band's website:

G  Bm (Em?) Am C Bm Am G

Oh oh oh oh,

CKill the quiet
Gwith a riot
AmBuild a fire
Gto burn the quiet
BmIn this fire
AmSoul so tired
BmTryin' to climb the
Amway back skyward
Amthey hope to be
Gwanted wholly
Bmand hopelessly
Amthey hope to be
Gwanted wholly
oh oh oh oh Uke Intro:
G Bm G Am GA---2--------2--------2--2--3--2--0--2--0-----3--5--7--9--7-----5--3--2--0--5--3--2--3--2--|E---3--------2-----2--3-----------------0--3--0--------X-----7--0-----------0-----------3--|C---2--------2--2-----2-----------------0-----0--------0--------0-----------0-----------2--|G---0--2--0--4--------0-----------------2-----0--------X--------0-----------0-----------0--|
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