The Pogues – The Band Played Waltzing Matilda chords

***Waltzing Matilda - Axxchor
from the album "Rum Sodomy & The Lash"

An alteration of a version by Eric Bogle. This version should match the 
arpeggiated chords the banjo plays in the album version of "The Band Played 
Waltzing Matilda" by The Pogues. 

Waltzing Matilda - as perfomed by The Pogues

Intro: A A A
D AWhen I was a young man, I carried my pack.
E AAnd I lived the free life, of a rover.
E>From the Murray's green basin,
D ATo the dusty outback,
E AI waltzed my matilda all over.
E D AThen in 1915, my country said "son"
E "It's time to stop rambling,"
D A"Cos there's work to be done."
DSo they gave me a tin hat,
A And they gave me a gun,
E AAnd they sent me away to the war.
D AAnd the band played Waltzing Matilda,
D EAs we sailed away from the quay.
DAnd amidst all the tears,
AAnd the shouts and the cheers,
E AWe sailed off for Galipoli
D AHow well I remember that terrible day,
E Awhen the blood stained the sand and the water.
E And how in that hell
D Athat they called Souvla Bay
E AWe were butchered like lambs at the slaughter.
E D AJohnny Turk, he was ready, He'd primed himself well.
E He showered us with bullets,
D AAnd he rained us with shells.
DAnd in five minutes flat,
Ahe'd blown us all to hell.
E ANearly blew us right back to Australia.
D AAnd the band played Waltzing Matilda,
EAs we stopped to bury our slain.
DAnd we buried ours
Aand the Turks buried theirs,
E AAnd it started all over again.
D ANow those who were living, Did their best to survive,
E AIn that mad world of guts, blood, and fire.
E And for seven long weeks,
D AI kept myself alive,
E AAs the corpses around me piled higher.
E D AThen a big Turkish shell, Knocked me arse over tit.
E And when I awoke
D Ain my hospital bed,
DAnd saw what it had done,
AChrist I wished I was dead.
E ANever knew there were worse things than dying.
D AAnd no more I'll go Waltzing Matilda,
ETo the green bushes so far and near.
DFor to hang tent and pegs
AA man needs two legs.
E ANo more Waltzing Matilda for me.
D ASo they collected the crippled, The wounded and maimed,
E AAnd they shipped us back home to Australia.
EThe legless, the armless,
D Athe blind and insane.
E AThose proud wounded heroes of Souvla
E D AAnd as our ship pulled into Circular Quay
E I looked at the place
D Awhere my legs used to be.
DAnd thank Christ, there was nobody
Awaiting for me,
E ATo grieve and to mourn and to pity.
D AAnd the band played Waltzing Matilda,
EAs they carried us down the gangway.
DBut nobody cheered,
AThey just stood and stared,
E AAnd they turned their faces away.
D AAnd now every April, I sit on my porch,
E AAnd I watch the parades pass before me.
E I see my old comrades,
D AHow proudly they march.
E AReliving the dreams of past glory.
E D AI see the old men, all twisted and torn.
E The forgotten heroes
D Aof a forgotten war.
DAnd the young people ask me,
AWhat are they marching for?
E AAnd I ask my self the same question.
D AAnd the band plays Waltzing Matilda,
EAnd the old men still answer the call.
DBut year after year,
ATheir numbers get fewer,
E ASomeday no-one will march there at all.
A DWaltzing Matilda, Waltzing Matilda
A EWho'll come a waltzing matilda with me?
Outro: A A E A
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