The Red Elvises – Better Than Cocaine chords

Great song - not that hard to play.
I might have left out a few 7's here and there, as red elvises love to use them alot.
Hope you find these chords accurate!

Intro: A , A...

AMy pretty sweetie honey-pie
ELives right over the hill
AI always like to pick her up
F#mIn my automobile
BmDrive to the artsy cinema
DmTo watch a foreign film
A F#mIt's lovely that my baby lives
Bm E ARight there over the hill
(chorus: A, F#m, Bm, E - Like this:)
A F#m Bm Your love
E A F#m Bmis better than cocaine
E A F#m BmIt's stronger than my back pain
E A #Break#And sweeter than champagne
(Repeat Chords:) We're high from dancing in the rain We walk the lover's lane And everything's OK (Second verse - Same chords as first) Sometimes when I'm very drunk Or very, very high I like to take an evening stroll Don't want no DUI There must be somewhere sneaky cop Hiding by the mill It's lovely that my baby lives Right there over the hill (chorus again) (Solo - Exactly as verses, Played Twice) (chorus again)
DI never cheated on my baby
Dm AI never like to hurt
E AI always make my baby laugh
A A/G A/F# A/F E Hahahahahahahahaha...
E7 A.......Like that
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