The Reign Of Kindo - One Man Parade chords

Hey guys this is not 100% I don't think but it's close enough to do a solid cover.

Tuning: E Standard

Intro: C#m, Abm, B
        A, Abm, E

C#m Abm BLeaving this town like a one man parade
A Abm EHeaded straight for the pacific blue
C#m Abm BIt seems all that i love has been left far behind
A Abm EAll the hundreds of days without you
C#m ABut it won't be long before
B EYou grow lonely, lonely
C#m A B ELong before you grow lonely again
C#m AI'll be singin' this song
B ETo remind me about you
C#m A B ESingin' this song so i never forget
(The rest is the same, just play the intro chords over again and repeat the chords for the verse and chorus) Page after page I keep writing these words Tryin' to sum up my life to a tune There's no rhyme for my reason and no such demand For my mind was made up rather soon But it won't be long before I grow lonely, lonely Long before i grow lonely again I'll be singin' this song To remind me about you Singin' this song so i never forget
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