Brighter Day tab with lyrics by The Rochesters - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

The Rochesters – Brighter Day tab

It may not be the chords that they use but these work very well. 
Remember it's pretty slow, so don't get carried away... lol   :)

Brighter Day

Verse 1:
        G  C       G                    
Shadows fall all around us. 
         EM C               D
Darkness comes to hide our way.
      G  D C                G     C                  
Don’t despair the night is ending.
              G   D              G      
The clearest sky will light the day.


            C             G                
There’s a brighter day a-comin
          EM     C            D                           
Soon our heartaches will be gone
G  D C             G   C        
Sorrow won’t be a memory 
         G   D             G            
In the light of heaven’s dome

Verse 2:

     G        C            G                    
Even in the blackest midnight,             
         EM  C             D
I have a lamp to guide my way.
          G   D         C     G            C                  
For the light of God’s love shines in my heart,
                 G    D        G      
And turns the darkness into day
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