The Ronettes – Walking In The Rain tab

Walking In The Rain 
Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo
      Cm7  F        Bb
Ooooh Doo, doo, doo, doo

  Bb             Cm7     F 
I want him and I need him
     Bb                Cm7           F 
And someday, someway...whoooa...I'll meet him

      Eb         Bb
He'll be kind of shy
    Eb	          Bb 
And real good looking too
    Eb               Bb
And I'll be certain, he's my guy
       Cm           Eb      Bb  Cm7
By the things he'll like to do

Cm7  F              Bb   Cm7
Like walking in the rain
    F              Bb       Cm7
And wishing on the stars up above
    F           Bb 
And being so in love


When he's near me I'll kiss him
And when he leaves me...whoooa...I'll miss him

Though sometimes we'll fight
I won't really care
and I'll know he's gonna be alright
Cause we got so much to share


(Johnny)..No, no he'll never do
(Bobby)..No, it isn't him too
Cm7                                 Fm           Bb
They would never, no they'd never...never, ever, love


Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
Where can he be
Oh Oh Oh Oh
I've been with him 

By José Duarte
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