The Rusty Fixtures – Boots chords

Boots by the Rusty Fixtures - great tune!
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Capo 5th Fret

Standard Tuning

C E G x2

C E GWell my boots they need a-mendin'
C E GAnd my woman ya she is out a-spendin'
F C GAll my hard earned bucks on her clothes and on her looks
C G CWhile my boots fill up with the rain
In this fine town where we are a-livin' I hope the banker he is all for forgivin' All these bills I couldn't pay for her spendin escapades While my boots sit out with the rain Well I think I'm gonna take to the drinkin' Cos I'm goin with this womans style of thinkin' You know her make-up and her shoes they give me the broke down dead beat blues While my boots fill up with the rain WOOOOOOO!! Repeat Verse x1 Repeat Intro x1 Staccato Strumming
C E GWell now there ain't no money to be earnin'
C E GAnd that womans gone and left my wallet burnin'
F C GSo I kicked her out of my home and asked the bank for one more loan (ya ya)
C G CAnd bought a brand new, mean, clean, mighty keen, mighty clean, snow proof,
G C G Cbullet proof, water proof, woman proof, brand spankin new pair of boots
WOOOOOO!! Outro: Repeat Verse x1
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