Boats Against The Current chords with lyrics by The Ryan Oreilly Band - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

The Ryan Oreilly Band – Boats Against The Current chords

Artist: Ryan O'Reilly
Album: The Blighted Apple (2011) & St Pancras Old Church (Live 2012)
Song: Boats Against The Current

Capo 3rd Fret

Verse 1.
C F Am GRun your hand along my arm, inside my jacket sleeve
C F Am GLet your tears fall in your smile, I can hardly breathe
F C Am GWith my hands upon your hips you took our flag down to half mast
C F G CWhen we turned to face each other we were already in the past
Verse 2. (C F Am G X2 - F C Am G - C F G C) The emptiness fills me and it’s tidal like the Thames If the numbness ever leaves me I won’t want this pain to end Is it possible to change this, what would you like to ask Is there a river we can follow ceaselessly towards the past Chorus 1.
F C E Am GI was blind to all those candles, heard the music felt your dress
F C E Am GI shut my eyes your lips you gave to me for one last sweet caress
F C E Am GDon’t you give our love a eulogy I can’t watch you close the door
F C G CIt was winter time the first time but time’s not been stopped before
Verse 3. (C F Am G X2 - F C Am G - C F G C - all Verses the same pattern) You said you dreamed that I was holding you, I kissed your eyes your lips your hair You cried that was my goodbye to you, I only wish babe I’d been there Remember when I ran away to Dublin you wrote and told me to stay strong You’ve only been gone a few hours but they’re tortuously long Verse 4. The chalice holds the poison and it’s fermented by our fear Put our love into a four foot hole, a foot for every year Yesterday I had you, but it would be the last The doors are locked and they’ve been bolted It’s trapped us in the past Chorus 2. (F C E Am G X3 - F C G C) I can picture you so perfectly your hat down to your shoes You said I’ve never been an adult and not belonged to you Remember Magheramore that time I held you safe in both my hands But the tide was unrelenting breaks the rocks down into sand Verse 5. We didn’t wait to hear the bell this time we knew it had just been rung Our cobbled streets they were alive with all the carols being sung Can our love end so suddenly, I’m not sure if it’s true Every time I dry my heavy eyes I still think I’ll see you Verse 6. I drove for hours and for miles after you got out the car I couldn’t listen to those love sick songs because they don’t know who we are I reached across to feel you but nothing now feels right The stars are dancing heel to toe across the endless night Verse 7. I will draw the curtain you can take a sweeping bow We remembered all our lines babe no-one had to show us how Be careful that you do not slip upon the newly painted stage I expected your directions but not times exquisite rage Chorus 3. (F C E Am G X3 - F C G C) Whoever you discover who next walks you to your door Or dares put his hands where my hands used be To dance across your bedroom floor I hope he will understand you’re worth much more than he could know Will you think of us from time to time and let our time together show Verse 8. The pearls they would destroy us because that’s not a diamond ring Maybe I was scared to show you but you did mean everything I only understand you only you know all of me Is this how Adam felt the day that Eden set him free?
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