The School Of Worship – The Cure chords

Left handed
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The Cure
The School of Worship

Key of Dm

Dm7 Fmaj9What can I say? It was my sin that put you there that day
Bbmaj7Im ashamed to have claimed other names
Dm7 Fmaj9What can I do? For it was I who spit on you
Bbmaj7I stood, I watched, I mocked, I even cursed you too
Dm7 FI bow my face to the dirt, In light of selfish sin unseen
Dm7 FI shut my mouth and open up, My heart now ready to receive
Dm7 FThe Gospel shown by the love, Of Jesus King of all kings
Dm7 F Bbmaj7 Fmaj7Messiah You are the cure, You broke the curse And now Im free
Bbmaj7 Fmaj7Now Im Free
What can I say? Its by your grace you even look my way I am amazed to be claimed by this name What can I do? It is I who honor you I cannot be the same Your love has made me new
Dm7 C/E FThere is no way I could pay the debt Ive made
A5 G5 Bb FI am a poor man
Dm7 C/E FToday is the day I am saved, In Jesus name
A5 G5 Bb FI am a new man
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