The Seatbelts – Blue tab

This has been a difficult song to transcribe (as evidenced by the lack of tabs available
as the complex chords are often masked by layers of shoegaze-like droning and distorted fuzz.

I feel this underrated and beautiful song deserves a good transcription. I am not 100%
that this tab is completely accurate yet, so if you have any suggestions, please leave a
or e-mail

TUNING: Standard

Capo on 1st fret
(all Chord names relative to Capo)


G   320033
Gsus2 300033
Cadd99 032033
Csus2 030033
Em7 022033
D 200232
D7sus4 200213
Cm 335543
Fadd9 13x3213

Note that the guitarist keeps his/her little finger on the high G through much of the song.


Throughout the verses, the guitar improvises a few hammer-on riffs and fills in the

Fill 1

e |-3------3----------3----3----|b |-3------3----------3----3----|g |-0------0----------0----0h2--|d |-2------0----------0h2-------|a |-3------3--------------------|e |-0------0--------------------|
Fill 2
e |-3------3------------3-------|b |-3------3------------3-------|g |-0------0------------2-------|d |-2------0------------0-------|a |-3------3------------3-------|e |-0------0------------0-------|
INTRO (choir) G, Cadd9, Em7, Cadd9, Em7, Cadd9, D7sus4, G x 2 VERSE 1 G, Cadd9, x 2 G Cadd9 Never seen a bluer sky G Cadd9 Yeah I can feel it reaching out Em7 Cadd9 And moving closer G There's something about blue Cadd9, G x2 VERSE 2 Cadd9 Asked myself what it's all for G Cadd9 You know the funny thing about it Em7 D I couldn't answer G Cadd9 No I couldn't answer VERSE 3 G Cadd9 Things have turned a deeper shade of blue G Cadd9 And images that might be real may be Cadd9 Csus2 Cadd9e D illusion keep flashing G Gsus2 G Cadd9 off and on CHORUS (Note: judging from both the studio and live recordings of the song, the guitarist to strum a G chord throughout the chorus as the other instruments, particularly the bass, beneath it. However, this doesn't sound particularly good in solo arrangements, so I've out the changing chords as best I can.) G Free... Wanna be D7sus4 free... Gonna be Em7 free... and Cm move among the stars Fadd9 You know they really aren't so far G Feels so free... Gotta know D7sus4 free Em7 Please Cm Don't wake me from the dream Fadd9 It's really everything it seemed G I'm so free D7sus4 No black and white in the blue... BRIDGE (same as intro) G, Cadd9, Em7, Cadd9, Em7, Cadd9, D7sus4, G x 3 Cadd9 FINAL VERSE G Cadd9 Everything is clearer now G Cadd9 Life is just a dream you know Em7 Cadd9 That's never ending G I'm ascending.
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