The Servant - Get Down chords

The Servant - Get Down (2004)
by Olive-69@ultimate-guitar

Just fool around these 4 chords all along the song...

G - D/F# - Asus4 - A

Lyrics : 

Desperate men are coming round to make you safer

They ll take you into the past

Later on I ll come to turn you into paper

It makes you wanna run so fast

Get down

Get down


Desperately they ll come to try to prove you re crazy

I m gonna show that you re just wise

All across the town a fire is raging

Close your mouth and shut your eyes

Get down

Get down


Your friend crept through the school tasting of confetti

Smoke swirled for his eyes

He broke into the pool with a fist of spaghetti

He lay himself upon the tiles

Get down

Get down


Or get up

Get up

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