The Smashing Pumpkins – Blue chords

[Intro]e|----------------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------------|G|----------------------------------------------------|D|----------------------------------------------------|A|-------------------------------------------------3--|E|--3/3----3----3/3----3----3/3----3----1-1-1---------| x2
Gsus2 F C x2 [Verse]
Gsus2 F CHey blue, all your love is strange
Gsus2 F CCome out with all those crazy names
Gsus2 F CSo true
Gsus2 F C/Ewhen you lie
G/B C2For you,
Gsus2 F Cblue
F C Gsus2Right or wrong
F C Gsus2I belong
F C Gsus2Right or wrong
Gsus2 F CHey blue, where'd you run to now?
Gsus2 F CMiss you since they found you out
Gsus2 F CI've been waiting such a long time
Gsus2 F C/EFor your smile,
G/B C2for you
G/B C2 [Bridge] G A7sus4 G Gsus4 G Am9 G A7sus4 [Outro]
G Gsus4I lay with you this velvet morning
G Am9Stay with me for a while
G A7sus4Where we run to is up to you
G Gsus4Just stay with me for a while
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