The Soldier Thread - Matador chords


Rock version: power chords / Acoustic version: play full chords and make B into Bm

Verse 1
BSally, I got heavy dreams / You gotta help me find out what it means /
to be the runner I have been /
G Eonly because the bull is chasing me thin / oh until I give in /
BUntil I give in
Verse 2
BPeel off the lethargy / Ever bent on how I used to be / a little rabbit in the room
G ENow that I have the gun I'm coming for you. Nothing you can do. Nothing you
Bcan do
G E BCause you don't run this show anymore / I got nothing to be sorry for
G E BLately I'm the bull and you're matado-o-o-or. Matado-o-o-or
BTell me, are you so surprised? / If you don't like me now then cover your eyes /
G So what if I miss a lot / I got a thicker skin now, ready or not /
EShow me what you got.
B Show me what you got.
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