The Spirit of the Beehive – Natural Devotion chords

[Intro] no capoe|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--11-------11------11--------11-------12-----12-------11-------11----------|G|------6---------8--------8--------8-------8-------8--------8-------8-------|D|----9---9----9----9----9---9----9---9---9---9---9---9----9---9----9---9----|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
A Bobby took me down to the shore yesterday.
D Ahe pointed at the ocean and said "can't you fucking see?" and I said "sure, what's in it for me?"
D Dmaj7 natural devotion.
A Dwhen we held hands for too long i'd worry people might stare.
A D Dmaj7but bobby passed away last week. I bet he never cared.
A D A D Dmaj7now I live all alone. I disguise my voice on the phone.
A D Awhy, on the side of the road, I confess my worries unknown?
D Dmaj7natural devotion.
A[if someone had asked me fifteen years ago to imagine what Hell feels like,
Adimit would have felt a lot like Me in (indiscernible) Right Now]
B DAugust
A B D Acame and went so quick I'm all missed.
B D A B D AI guess. I guess we're burning up in fox piss.
[Outro] Repeat [B D A]
Chord chart [from capo 2] A D B Adim Dmaj7f#|----0-------0--------0----------------0---------------------------------------|C#|----0-------0--------0----------------0---------------------------------------|A |----6-------7--------4----------------6---------------------------------------|E |----7-------7--------4--------7-------7---------------------------------------|B |----7-------5--------2--------6-------5---------------------------------------|F#|----5-------------------------5-----------------------------------------------|
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