The Stanfields – Dagger Woods chords

Dagger Woods - The Stanfields

This is my first submission to, so any suggestions welcome.  I couldn't get
the intro and solos, so I'm hoping someone else can chime in here.

Capo 3

Sorry, I haven't figured this out yet, maybe someone can be kind 
enough to tab it out.

Verse 1

EmOh, Out in the woods not long ago, outside a town ten miles or so
Bm D AMan and wife and two small babies, camping in a glade
EmOn an Indian Summer getaway, a weekend full of rest and play
Bm D ATuckered out from their full day, now sitting 'round a fire
Am EmBut lurking in the shadows was a demon, with a big 'ol set of eyes
Am EmAnd an appetite for souls, like these, feeding time tonight
Bm FmThey never heard it coming, they never saw it coming
AThey were never seen or heard from again
Chorus 1
Em DThe Hidey-Hinder, through the gates of Hades
Fm AOvercame Daddy, and took the mama and babies
Em DThe Hidey-Hinder done took 'em good
Fm EmBack to its lair, deep in Dagger Woods
Em D Verse 2
EmWell, The tale begins hundred years, through the countless days and hours
Bm D AWhen the golden plow first broke the land, folks started disappearing
Em The locals swear beyond a doubt, it came over on the first rowboat
Bm D AThe bloodthirsty monster, they call the Hidey-Hinder
Am EmAn old world apparition hitched a ride, to the new world in disguise
Am EmSupernatural baggage in the hold, from a hard life left behind
Bm FmIf they knew what they was bringin', I sure would not be singin'
A'Bout people never seen or heard again
Chorus 2
Em DThe Hidey-Hinder, from the old world nations
Fm AYou've reigned in terror, for seven generations
Em DOh Hidey-Hinder, I wish I could
Fm EmProve you exist, deep in Dagger Woods
(solo) Em D Fm A Em D Fm Em
Em DEm (several times)
Verse 3
EmNow let's go back to the present day, to a prison far the other way
Bm D ATo a broken lonely man, that lonely man is me
EmI told the judge what I’m telling you, said "such a thing cannot be true"
Bm D AHe locked me up for murder, and threw away the key
Am EmHe said the only monster that he's seen, sits right before his eyes
AmHe stared me down, Shook his head, and condemned me
EmAs a sick man telling lies
Bm FmI shoulda seen it comin', shoulda known that it was comin'
ANow I’ll never see the light of day again
Chorus 3
Em DOh Hidey-Hinder, of the million maybes
Fm AI know to be true, my Jilly and my babies
Em DOh Hidey-Hinder ya done took 'em good
Fm EmAway from me, deep in Dagger Woods
D EmNo, That’s where I should be, in Dagger Woods
D EmHanging from a tree, in Dagger Woods
D EmFor all the world to see, in Dagger Woods
D EmBack with my family, in Dagger Woods
(solo) Em D Fm A Em D Fm Em
Em DEm (hold to fade)
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