The Steel Woods – Let The Rain Come Down chords

[Intro]Lick, watched and acoustic version on youtube to come up with thise|-----------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------|G|-----------------------------------------| x2D|----0-3^-0-----0---------0-3h5p3p0-------|A|-0h3-0-----0h3--------0h3-0-------3p0----|D|-------------------------------------3p0-|
D [Verse 1]
D We all need rain, Lord, the sun sure stings
D Somebody string a rattle snake up
D Good Lord my whole world ran dry
D The day that wicked ol’ witch said bye
D D *She put a curse on me and one on the river
DNow my crops won’t grow no more
DI’ve got a hollow heart, pocket full of nothing
DMy soul wont rest and my eyes won’t pour
C/D G/B Let the rain come down
[Verse 2]
DI should’ve been long gone, cold turkey
DInstead I’m sitting on the front porch stoned
DLooking back now the past seems murky
DIt ain’t no wonder why my moneys all gone
[Chorus x1] [Bridge]
D* D* D* D*Look yander to the west I can feel it in my bones
D* D* D* D*Here comes a hard rain just a blacking out the sky
D* D* D* Id run for shelter if it was me
D* D* D* D* D*Better pay hed to the past or wind up dry
[Chorus x2]
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