The Stems – At First Sight tab


you said you wanted me to be your girlfriend that took about one week to come to an abrupt end i know you hate me, i'm a perceptive guy i'm also aware enough not to wonder why B F# you like the guy on your ipod, E F# not the guy in your bed B F# after the fanmail came anthrax, E F# now you wish i were dead chorus B F# E (F#) if i could force you to love me, i would B F# E (F#) you'd teach me not to be psycho, i, i know you could B F# E (F#) give me one final chance, i'll be good B E B never believed in love at first sight, but now i think i might F# E (F#) you said physical chemistry between us was bad then why are you still responding to my craigslist ad i know every step i took along the way was wrong now i'm spreading it all out and fingering this song B your text messages were like F# E F# no-calorie food for my soul B F# beating off to forever with you E F# is a fantasy that blows chorus 2x _________________________________________________________________ You also can play this, through the whole chorus.(4 times)
Hope you enjoy playing. <3
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