The Temper Trap – Soldier On tab

Tab: Soldier On
Artist: The Temper Trap
Album: Conditions
Tabbed By: Laura Hadfield

This is my first tab, [how many times do you hear that], but i'm not sure if it is a two 
or one. I tabbed it for two, and not entirely accurately but theres nothing else on 
so you'll just have to cope :). I love Temper and can't wait for them to come home to Australia.

Bassline [GUITAR ONE]:e|------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------------|G|------------------------------------------------|D|--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0|A|2--2--2--2--5--5--5--5--0--0--0--0--------------|E|------------------------------------3--3--3--3--|
Theme [GUITAR TWO]:e|7-7---7-7---0-2-3-5--2---2-2---2-2---0-0---0-0|B|----7------------------------2-----------3----|G|----------------------------------------------|D|----------------------------------------------|A|----------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------|
This goes on for the whole of "who wants to know, all that is gold is rusting...." VARITION 1: (In between "us moving..." and "...waves crash around"
Bassline [GUITAR ONE]e|-------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------------|D|----4-4-4----4-4-4----4-4-4----------------|A|-2-2------2-2------2-2---------------------|
At "dont think about it at all..." It changes to this:
Bassline [GUITAR ONE]:e|-------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------------------------------------|D|-------------------------------------------------------------------|A|------2-2-2-------4-4-4-------2-2-2-------4-4-4------2-2-2--2-2-0-0|E|3-2-0-------0-1-2-------2-1-0-------0-1-2-------2-1-0------3-3-3-3-|
Then it goes back to the original until the electric guitars come in which I don't have enough ears to work out. Sorry if there's mistakes, please tell me or make a new version or whatever, its such a song & I'd be glad for any tab by The Temper Trap they are amazing. Listen to the Song to hear where all the parts come in. The words are as follows: who wants to know all that is gold is rusting no one will know when seasons cease to change and... how far we've gone how far we're going it's the here and the now and the love for the sound of the moments that keep us moving waves crash along the battered, lonley lighthouse tommorrow she's gone and if not, someday somehow are these hands a waste well this side of mortality is scaring me to death to death don't think about it at all just keep your head low and don't think about it at all soldier on, soldier on keep your heart close to the ground soldier on, soldier on, keep your heart close to the ground don't think about it at all just keep your head low don't think about it at all. (This is where my tab ends but it continues) yeah, will you take me tonight yeah, will you take me tonight yeah, will you take me tonight ooooh...tonight soldier on soldier on keep your heart the ground.
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