Rabbit Hole chords ver. 2 with lyrics by The Temper Trap - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

The Temper Trap – Rabbit Hole chords ver. 2

The Temper Trap : Rabbit Hole
Chords by       : Hariz05
Tuning          : Standard (EADGBe)
Capo            : On (4th fret)

#------------------------------------------# \------------------------------------------\
\ This song, I'm really feeling this song! \ \ It's like the best song EVER! \ )------------------------------------------)
/ Pretty simple, listen to the song. / / Remember, capo 4th fret! / /------------------------------------------/#------------------------------------------#
Am EI don’t wanna be the only one ’round here
Cadd9 GEverything I’m saying’s falling on deaf earš
Am ECome to get you if you make another sound
Cadd9 GMake you an example since you’re crawling home
Dm Am F Anyone who listen’s gonna get theirš when the water floods down
To the rabbit hole! *Strum Am* [VERSE 2]
Am EHands up if you think you’re gonna save us now
Cadd9 GBefore we shoot the mesšenger for talking too loud
Am EWe’ll keep you on the run
Cadd9 G'Til we get what we want
Dm Am FEvery which way you go they’re gonna hunt you down
Dm Am F Making you believe a lot of sticks and bricks can get you stoned
Dm Am FCause anyone who listenš is gonna get theirs when the water floods down
*continue strumming F* Hmm Ahhh Ahh Ahhh Ahh Ahhh Ahh~ To the rabbit hole! [INTERLUDE] Am - G - Dm Am F
AmYou think we're gonna run
G E If you think we're gonna run, you're wrong
Dm AmJust feeding with flames
FArrešting the fight
AmAnd it’s a cold day in hell
GIt’ll be a cold day in hell
EBefore we're done
Dm AmJust feeding the flame
FArresting the fight
*continue strumming F* AmWith fire, with fire, with... Rabbit hole!
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