The Tossers - Wedding tab

This song is purely piano and vocals, but these are the chords if you'd like to follow along on guitar.

C C F C F C G G x2

             C             C          F               C
Well oh, the green mountainsides over fields where we lay,
     C                   C             G                    G
Over sun-splashed orange skylines, my (...), they bleed and scream.
      C                 C                  F            C
And I crush 'em wit' my boot heels, for no shells I can afford.
        F             C              G                 C
And I'm off to Dublin city, for I've lost our room and board.
      F                 F          C                   G
No, I couldn't join the army. If I died, what would we do?
   F               C                 G                 C
Me wife, she is my sunshine, but she knows not what we do.


      C                 C               F                  C
To my dearest, sweetest Colleen, please forgive me for not calling.
  C                 C              G                  G
I regret you had to find this, the note that says I'm gone.
        C               C             F               C
Well, I hope you do not shun me, only ask that you forgive me.
       F                   C                 G                 C
It was bound to happen, as we both know. You know it had to be done.
           C            C                   F C
Well, take hold of tiny Kathleen. Take her (...).
              C            C                G              G
Well, there's money in the strongbox, (...) tickets in the car.
        C                C               F             C
I can't stand to see you crying, nor can you to see us dying.
           F              C                    G                   C
Well, I've gone to set it right. I know you'll think I've gone too far.
         F                  F                  C                    G
I cannot take this pressure on me. No one ever said it was in-store for me.
        F               C                   G                C
Well, I pray you do not shun me. I'm coming back, my dear Colleen.


I'm sorry, but I couldn't make out the lyrics at a few points.
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