The Trews – Hopeless tab

This is an absolutely incredible song by The Trews that everybody should hear cuz its
just sick. I have yet to find a single tab for it after hours of searching so I figured
I would do it myself. I'm pretty sure its right although the part where it gets really
crazy near the end i have no idea what they're doing there, hope you enjoy!



e -0---0---0---xb -0---0---0---xg -6---6---8---x VERY IMPORTANT: let the higher notes ring open tod -6---7---9---4 get the full sound of the song, they're crucial.a -4---7---9---4e -0---5---7---2
Verse and Chorus: repeat intro only mute the open notes, the strum is easy to figure out.
e -x---x---x---xb -x---x---x---xg -6---6---8---xd -6---7---9---4a -4---7---9---4e -0---5---7---2
great song, enjoy, very easy.
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